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Prison Break & its effective grip on its viewers

                               Prison Break

Prison Break – almost every college-goer from the cities in India would have heard of this TV Series. I started watching it when I was in the third year of college (presently, I am in the fourth year for your info). People around me, my friends in college were watching it like crazy. Some guy had downloaded it from the net and had it in his hard-disk. A few guys started watching Season-1 and said the series were very good!

I wanted to watch it too. So I gathered some place in my hard disk so that I could accomodate Season-1 in my laptop. I started watching Season-1 on one fine Saturday morning and it had such on a grip on me, that I didnt leave the place until I completed watching Season-1 which happened to be that night around 11.30! Man, could anyone believe it? I didnt move from the place except for lunch and dinner!

Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, Theodore Bagwell, John Abruzzi, Sara Tancredi, Fernando Sucre – all amazing characters with effective roles given to them! The series has an effective story-line, good and logical story-telling and not to mention, an effecive picturisation!


The first season of the series revolves around two brothers; one who, as of the pilot, has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and the other, a genius, who devises an elaborate plan to help him escape prison. The first season totally deals with how Michael Scofield, the younger brother implements the plan to escape from the Fox River Penitentiary along with his brother, the portrayal of the failures and successes and the unexpected total change of events. One of the other characters who has impressed people with his acting is Paul Kellerman, the agent who works for “The Company”.


The second season titled “On the Run” deals with how the brothers and the other escapees from the prison lead their life in constant fear of the police. This season also deals with how they make plans to find out what exactly happened and why should people frame Lincoln Burrows for a crime he has not committed. Exciting season, too! Moreover, another effective character was introduced during this season, Alexander Mahone. Mahone comes as an FBI agent who works for The Company. An edge-of-the-seat season.


Due to the unnatural change of circumstances, Michael Scofield gets arrested in Panama and is put into SONA, the worst kind of prison you could ever imagine. The portrayal of the Sona prison is perfect with its bloody ruthless inmates with no love for themselves nor their fellow-men. No rules –  this is the tag-line for Sona. This season totally deals with how Scofield escapes out of Sona and how his meeting with James Whistler brings Scofield close to the company.

THE FOURTH SEASON (On-Going Season) :

In this season, a deal is made between the police officer Donald Self, played by Michael Rapaport and the other escapees. Now who is Donald Self (any idea, FRIENDS fans???), he is the guy who comes as Phoebe’s husband in Season-6 of friends. He also plays a police-officer in FRIENDS. Coming to PB, this episode deals with how Scofield along with other escapees try to get “The Scylla”, the key-card that stores every ounce of information about “The Company”. The Scylla provides a substantial evidence for the Police to frame “The Company”.

This is an ongoing season. The episodes are moving at a break-neck pace. Particularly, the episode in which Alexander Mahone kills Wyatt is superb. Paul T.Scheuring, the creator of Prison Break rocks!!!



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