Need an archive of newspapers? – Google has it!!

Are you one of the guy who wanted to read the newspaper coverage about Neil Armstrong & his comrades when they landed on the moon? Or do you want to take a look or read some inside information of the Gulf war in the newspapers of the 90’s? Maybe you never would have got the chance because you would have a born a long after Armstrong had put his foot on the moon or you never had access to US newspapers because you are in some other part of the world!

Now dont worry, people because Google (our saviour of all needs) has acquired PaperOfRecord.com which has an whole archive of well known newspapers.

PaperofRecord is based in Canada and was the first to digitize the entire history of the Toronto Star. In addition to digitizing newspapers in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe, PaperofRecord has digitized historical documents including he Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s longest serving Prime Minister.

SearchEngine blog’s announced this deal on Tuesday.

The deal will reportedly see Google work with the company for around two years, after it was agreed by PaperOfRecord’s parent company Cold North Wind Inc. RJ Huggins, Founder and CEO of PaperofRecord.com, was reluctant to source help from a company outside of Canada, but understands that Google’s resources are key to the projects development:

It is a bittersweet day for PaperofRecord.com. We are very pleased to have our legacy and vision of a 500 year, global, multiple language newspaper historical archive being placed in the stewardship of Google. As a Canadian entrepreneur, it is disappointing to not be able to muster the resources in our country to bring such a digital resource to its fruition at home. However, without the help and vision of a company such as Google, this immense, global, educational resource would not be possible on the scale that is being contemplated.

So Google lovers need not go anywhere to access huge chunks of valuable information. It’s in their hands now. Also its good for the PaperofRecord guys because they will get a huge amount of attention due to this acquisition.


2 Responses to “Need an archive of newspapers? – Google has it!!”

  1. December 10, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    Thanks for your kind words-


    Bob Huggins
    Cold North Wind/PaperofRecord.com

  2. 2 sathisraj88
    December 10, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    @RJ Huggins

    Wishes to PaperofRecord.com as well. Without PaperofRecord.com, many people in this world would have never seen archived historical newspapers. You have made that possible.

    All the best to you in your future endeavors.

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